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  • Progress shot of Connors thigh BLACK INK MATTERS one morehellip
  • Whats a King without his Crown?  Dead Man thankshellip
  • God is great God is good let Patrick thank himhellip
  • Cinco de Gring y Stink
  • Blacks done on my first backpiece 3 sessions so farhellip
  • Eye for an eyeThanks Griffin! renaissancetattoostudio tattoo tattoos tatuaje tatuajeshellip
  • Happy Mothers Day to all the single Moms who didhellip
  • Reposting cause I just heard the news Connor it washellip
  • Sea Wench Thank you Drake for the trust and freedomhellip
  •  First tattoo at 22 years old Honestly a littlehellip
  • El Diablowho wouldve thought the devil is a rooster hellip
  • Made this Kewpie on Westin as a tribute to hishellip