James McDonald San Clemente born and raised Tattoo artist
call or text 949-422-1799

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  • Another good session on a sleeve Ive been working onhellip
  • A little cherub blowing kisses renaissancetattoostudio bishoprotary inkeeze blackandgreytattoo cherubtattoohellip
  • Session 1 today renaissancetattoostudio inkeeze bishoprotary sanclemente blackandgreytattoo tattoosessions skulltattoohellip
  • Fun session 1 this morning renaissancetattoostudio bishoprotary inkeeze skulltattoo tattoosessionshellip
  • Sampson greekmythology renaissancetattoostudio bishoprotary inkeeze blackandgreytattoo sanclemente
  • Tonights work renaissancetattoostudio inkeeze bishoprotary sanclemente blackandgreytattoo rosetattoo pocketwatch tattoos
  • These guys
  • King smoker renaissancetattoostudio inkeeze bishoprotary tattoos sanclemente blackandgreytattoo skulltattoo
  • Something a little different today piano keys breaking into ahellip
  • More to come!! renaissancetattoostudio sanclemente blackandgreytattoo tattoos ravens
  • Our first pass on recreating the Ariola and nipple thankshellip
  • Cali bear from the other day renaissancetattoostudio inkeeze bishoprotary sanclementehellip