I just like doing good tattoos

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  • Fun outer forearm piece I did the other day Thankshellip
  • Fun Helmut Newton photo tonight on my good friend corkillphotohellip
  • Tonights work Zoom in and check it out!!! jptattoos sullenhellip
  • Snapped a pic today of yesterdays piece outside before replacinghellip
  • Healed pic of this medusa wip thanks for looking! jptattooshellip
  • Hawaii tattoo expo coming up quick!!! Cant wait!! I havehellip
  • Healed Adding to this sleeve in progress today! Thanks forhellip
  • The key to your dreams is never losing focus Thankshellip
  • Last nights piece Designed by my wifey bomberga thanks forhellip
  • Jesus piece wip I started last night Thanks for looking!hellip
  • Life is good blessed parasailing sanclemente jptattoos oc sullenfamily sullenhellip