I just like doing good tattoos

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  • Big shout out to my nspyrhawaii and differentlevel family forhellip
  • Portrait I did on my sister in law and fellowhellip
  • Dukes with wifey to end our stay on Oahu perfection
  • Had fun seeing some Hawaiian history and culture today athellip
  • True story oh I can swim
  • Memorial portrait today of porkchop on DJ my brotha fromhellip
  • I love tattooing Heres some pieces Ive enjoyed doing Thankshellip
  • Added the background capping off the shoulder behind a crowhellip
  • My wcw today and every day wifey tooblessedtobestressed
  • Healed Adding a little more corkillphoto s inner arm todayhellip
  • Added another negative photo to corkillphoto s inner arm Thehellip
  • DM or text to set something up!!