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I’m An Artist Quenching More Knowledge, I Like To Travel And Take Pics… “My Eyes Are Windows To The World”.

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  • A really koo skull and head dress I did ahellip
  • 100 Healed cell phone photo of this lion I gothellip
  • I want to wish a Happy Mothers day to thesehellip
  • Puerto Rico!!! I will be out in PR this Saturdayhellip
  • Check out this Cristo I did a while back Zoomhellip
  • So there comes a time that we have to movehellip
  • What you see when Im lost in my happy placehellip
  • Puerto Rico is full of wonderful nature and wildlife everywherehellip
  • Exploring some of Puerto Rico sancho sanchostattoos tattoolife tattooartist travelingartisthellip