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I’m An Artist Quenching More Knowledge, I Like To Travel And Take Pics… “My Eyes Are Windows To The World”.

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  • I had some down time yesterday and was able tohellip
  • Got a great start on this horn owl one morehellip
  • Had a lot of fun on this day of thehellip
  • Had a fucking amazing Christmas shop dinner with the crewhellip
  • I was able to get a healed photo with myhellip
  • Got some bad ass sullenclothing gear from my queen esmev26hellip
  • Got a great start on this original piece I createdhellip
  • Thirsty ass sancho sanchostattoos tattoolife tattooartist travelingartist celestethebenz lifethroughmyeyes amglifehellip
  • This is my best of 2017 I worked my asshellip
  • Such an amazing sculpture I was able to photograph ofPerseusbeheadingMedusahellip
  • Shes so damn photogenic      hellip